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    3 Bees Appliances is a family run Houston, TX appliance and dryer repair company! We have got hundreds and hundreds of ecstatic local clients, over 15 years of experience and an A Customer



    We Can Repair It All!
    We are skilled and trained to service all top of the line dryer units regardless of the manufacture's year. We have fixed the most advanced dryers - we can do everything! We service every major brand. We repair top load dryers, front load dryers and stack dryer/ dryer combo units.

    No upsells, no tricks, no filthy not qualified workers.

    3 Bees gets in, fixes your dryer, and gets out - letting YOU get back to your day!

    Evening and Weekend Appointments available!
    We work around your schedule and will certainly provide superior service when you need it. Give us a call and make your appointment today!

    We Stock Parts for All Major Brand names
    3 Bees Appliances stocks many parts for your dryer. We will try our best to fix all dryer on our initial visit to save you money and time. Our professionals are very clean, efficient, and most of all extremely courteous, clean.

    3 Bees Accepts Cash or Credit Cards! Whatever is best for you. $49.95 gets you expert service scheduled around your needs!

    Only $49.95 Service Call
    This goes towards your repair cost if you choose us to fix it. Fantastic price for some of the greatest technicians in Houston to look at your problem.

    Why Call?
    • Fast and professional service
    • Low cost Service Call
    • We accept cash and credit cards
    • Evening and Weekend appointments
    • Warranty on all parts and labor

    Major Models We Repair
    3 Bees dryer appliance repair fixes the following manufacturers:

    How To Determine If Your Dryer in Houston, TX Needs To Be Repaired:

    Bad Dryer Performance

    Is your dryer taking a long time to dry your clothes? Do you need to run it several times to have your clothes dry? Do your thicker towels or sweaters never get completley dry?

    These are signs of a broken or faililng dryer (and perhaps the need for a dryer vent cleaning also).

    Scraping or Squeaking Sounds When Dryer is On

    A metal on metal sound or a crunchy noise? Do you hear a strange loud sound during the spin cycle?

    If so, this needs immediate repair! The longer it happens, the more damage that could be done.

    Burning Smell or Unit is Hot To the Touch

    One of the most common reasons for home fires are overheating dryers. This is a huge safety hazard! If your dryer is running hotter then normal or is hot to the touch - please have this repaired at once!

    A delay could mean a house fire or worse - harm to you and your family.

    Rattling Sound or Noise Like Something is Loose

    During the drying cycle do you hear a rattling noise? It may sound like you put a marble in the dryer or could be a bit like a "screech".

    Although not a significant problem at first it might be a misaligned barrel or loose part that could lead to much greater problems.

    Like most problems, fixing it early on can save you a fortune down the road.

    Brown or Black Marks on Clothes

    After a drying cycle does it look like your clothes have caught fire? Do you see dark marks like you've held your special outfit over a flame?

    If so, save your clothes and give us a call!

    Something Just Isn't Right

    It sounds odd at first, but you know your machine - at times you can't quite pinpoint what is wrong you just know that it isn't running like it is supposed to. No, you're not crazy - this is very common and although you may not be able to pinpoint what is going on - our expert technicians will be able to.

    Error Codes

    3 Bees Appliances are pro's trained in the high tech dryers. Most of these machines have on-board diagnostic computers that will generate error codes and messages that stop the use of your dryer.

    This is definitely a huge annoyance! Many times the message is in confusing Geek ;leaving you with no idea what to do! Well, fortunately we speak types of dryer languages and will diagnose and repair all of these messages.

    Why Service My Dryer If It's Not Broken?

    Have you heard the old saying, "If it ain't broke - don't fix it"?. When it comes to appliances this couldn't be further from the truth!

    Regular dryer maintenance is essential to keeping your dryer in top performing order! Not only will this prevent expensive repairs, but can also save you tons on your energy bills! That's not to mention that one of the most common causes of house fires are caused by clothes dryers!

    Poor Performing Dryers = Wet Clothes
    Everyone knows the smell of stinky and moldy clothes. Why dry your clothes if they will end up feeling and smelling worse then before putting them in your machine?
    If you want to solve those nasty smells - you need to fix your heating element. That's the source of your problems.

    Little Problems Become Big Problems!
    Allowing slightly under-performing or dirty unit to continue running ends up putting more strain on all of the dryer's parts. This extra stress leads major problems. That's right - not just a single problem, but several problems because multiple components can break!When a dryer begins under-performing , watch out! Many people will ignore these early symptoms, but don't. A dirty or under-performing dryer puts more strain on all of the parts in the unit. This additional stress means multiple parts start wearing out sooner then necessary. Extra stress on the entire dryer will result in a wide range of damage that is all costly to service. Save yourself time and money and consistently maintain your unit and prevent costly repairs.

    Save Energy
    The Eco-Friendly reason for your energy efficient machine is important, but its efficiency also saves you money!
    Don't lose all of those money saving benefits. Your clogged or dirty machine is just throwing money down the drain

    An Easy maintenance service call can restore those energy saving benefits!

    Save Your Family
    One of the most common causes of house fires are dryers. Just think about this - a simple $49.95 call to 3 Bees Appliances could save your family. Could save your home from burning to the ground. Could save all of your precious memories and photos.

    Why risk such a dangerous result when it can be avoided with a simple call?

    3 Bees Appliances has the tools, expertise, and experience to service your Houston dryer and keep it running smoothly or repair whatever is broken.
    Common Problems We Repair:
    • Dryer Makes Odd Noises
    • Dryer Does Not Dry Clothing
    • Dryer Doesn't Get Hot
    • Dryer's Barrel Does Not Spin

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